Find Kanto audio equipment from Austin MacWorks | AustinMacWorks.comAustin MacWorks is pleased to announce the addition of a new line of speakers to our offerings.

Founded in January, 2007 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Kanto manufacturers quality consumer electronic products that are built with style and designed to offer excellent value throughout their life cycle.

Kanto’s products include:

  • YU2 — Powered Desktop Speakers featuring USB DAC, class D amplifier, subwoofer output
  • YU4 — Powered Bookshelf Speakers featuring Bluetooth™ 4.0, built-in phono preamp, subwoofer output
  • YU6 — Powered Bookshelf Speakers with Bluetooth™ 4.0, Built-in Phono Preamp, Subwoofer Output
  • SUB6 — Powered Subwoofer, class D amplifier, adjustable crossover, phase control
  • SUB8 — Powered Subwoofer, class D amplifier, adjustable crossover, phase control

YU4 and YU6 are versatile speakers that appeal to laid-back listeners, hardcore gamers and vinyl enthusiasts alike. Power and connectivity combine to satisfy all  acoustic cravings.

Kanto speakers incorporate an aesthetic centered around two modern design principles: simple form factor and use of premium materials. Carefully sanded cabinets, woven Kevlar drivers and eye-catching silk dome tweeters embody a passion for both sound and design.

Kanto also produces a number of audio accessories.

Check out this video, and then stop by either of our stores to learn more.