The First MacintoshRemember the first Macintosh, released in January 1984?

We thought we’d just offer you a few tidbits about this groundbreaking machine.

  • This Macintosh didn’t have a model number—it was simply the Macintosh. There was no name on the front. Early 128Ks simply said “Macintosh” on the back, while later ones were marked “Macintosh 128K” to distinguish them from the later Macintosh 512K (released in October 1984).
  • The first Mac was quipped with 128 KB RAM, 64 KB ROM, a 3.5″ 400 KB floppy drive, a 1-bit 512 x 342 pixel b&w monitor, and a mouse
  • The first Mac came with MacWrite and MacPaint
  • This machine offered a totally graphical operating system
  • It had two serial ports


What did the first Mac not have?

  • A SCSI port
  • 5.25″ floppies
  • Backward compatibility with the Apple II, III, or Lisa.

Do you remember the Super Bowl commercial that launched the Macintosh? This ad helped Apple sell 70,000 Macintosh units during its first 100 days on the market.