So you’ve take the plunge or your thinking of upgrading your Mac to the new lean and mean version of OS X Snow Leopard. Even though there has been quite a bit of press about some compatibility issues with the Snow Leopard 10.6 upgrade, the vast majority of applications are indeed running smoothly under 10.6. You can find a full and daily updated list of applications and their compatibility with Snow Leopard here.

Printer Updates for Snow Leopard 10.6

One of the most common compatibility issues with the initial release of 10.6 was with printer drivers. The Apple 10.6.1 update, available by launching the Software Update application in your Apple Menu, fixes numerous printer incompatibilities. Once you’ve updated to 10.6.1, run the Software Update one more time and Software Update will look for installed drivers on your Mac and ask you to download and install the updates. If you are looking for HP drivers or if you are installing new HP drivers for the first time on Snow Leopard 10.6, a complete disk image file of all available HP Snow Leopard drivers is available on the Apple web site. One word of warning though, this disk image is close to 400 megabytes and will install all of the available HP printer drivers supported on Snow Leopard. Apple also recently released a complete disk image file of available Epson printer drivers for Snow Leopard. Run Software Update to install drivers for your Epson or download the complete Epson driver package here.

A complete list of all Snow Leopard 10.6 compatible printers and scanners is available here.