mountain lion os x

OS X Mountain Lion has hundreds of new features. From time to time, Apple MacWorks will feature different aspects of the new OS. Today, we’ll look at some of the great Auto Save features of OS X Mountain Lion.

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Rename from the title bar:  Rename a document without leaving the app. Just click the filename in the title bar and choose Rename from the document menu.

Revert to last saved:  Easily revert to the last saved version of a document to instantly undo all changes you made since you last saved the document.

Move to iCloud: Instantly move iCloud-supported documents to iCloud from the document menu.

Prompt to save when closing a document: The new “Ask to keep changes when closing a document” preference prompts you to keep or discard changes when closing a document.
Untitled documents in the cloud

Keyboard shortcut for Duplicate: Quickly duplicate a document using the Command-Shift-S keyboard shortcut.

Keyboard shortcut for Save As: Use Command-Shift-Option-S to save a document using a different name and location.