GT Studio Sonos stands


Austin MacWorks is pleased to announce its stores are now carrying speaker stands for Sonos by GT Studio,  an addition that perfectly complements the stores’ full line of Sonos home sound system speakers.

GT Studio The GT Studio carefully crafted speaker stands ensure optimum acoustics with Sonos speakers. Speaker stands are superior to tabletop, bookshelf or wall-mounted speakers for a number of reasons.

  • Because mid-range and treble frequencies are highly directional, speakers work best when placed equidistant, on either side of, and behind listeners at ear height (34″ when seated).
  • Additionally, placing speakers too close to a flat surface will cause your bass to echo off the surface and distort your listening experience.   Bookshelves are like sonic caves for your speakers, and are especially unsuitable.
  • Placing the SONOS PLAY: 1 on a bookshelf or a side table can cause the surfaces or other objects on the surface to rattle, diminishing your sound quality.  The GT Studio STAND: 1 isolates the speakers with an EVA rubber O-ring on the mounting surface and rubber feet on the base to prevent vibration, ensuring  maximum sound fidelity.

GT Studio designs strong and lightweight die-cast and extruded aluminum components that are anchored in a heavy steel base for superior stability. The stands are available in Black Onyx and Satin White finishes to match Sonos.

The attractive design of the stands, too, integrates seamlessly with the design aesthetic of Sonos, and features a unique mount and base design that conceals unsightly power cords.

Speakers and stands are sold separately; visit either of our two stores to learn more.