austin macworks quickertek nano

The QuickerTek Nano USB WiFi thumb drive will let all Mac users extend the range of their WiFi reception, and let you connect to wireless signals that your MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro or old-school PowerBook may not even see with just their internal Airport antenna. PowerBook G4 owners will love the QuickerTek Nano even more. The Titanium and Aluminum PowerBooks were known for their amazing design, however the shiny metal didn’t always offer the best WiFi reception. One simple driver and its plug and play extended WiFi on your iMac, MacBook or PowerBook with the QuickerTek Nano.

austin macworks high speed portable hard drivesWe saw the new AirHawk Mobile Pocket Hard Drives and  just had to offer them to our Austin MackWorks customers. The sleek and slightly angular design will look like it was custom made to sit next to your MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. The self-powered AirHawk Mobile Pocket Hard Drive is available with up to half a terabyte of drive space and comes out of the box with USB 2.0, FireWire 400 and FireWire 800 ports. If you’re doing media intensive projects such as iMovie, GarageBand, Final Cut, Logic or other high-end editing packages such as Pro Tools, the 7200 RPM drive combined with FireWire 800 speed will let you edit even the biggest audio and video projects while you’re on the road or just out for the weekend. Stop in today and let us introduce you to the full range of the AirHawk Mobile Pocket Hard Drives.