Mac dock Austin MacWorks

Enjoy these great Mac tips and tricks from Austin MacWorks:

  • Hold the Option key and press any of the Brightness, Mission Control, or Volume buttons to bring up the respective System Preferences panes.
  • Your Dock can be resized by clicking and dragging the line between the applications/folders.
  • Command+Shift+3 creates a screen capture of your entire screen, Command+Shift+4 allows you to select a portion of your screen to capture.
  • Right-clicking and selecting “Get Info” (or the hotkey Command+i) on an application, file, or mounted drive gives the option to change its icon. Simply drag another picture over the existing icon in the “Get Info” window. Changing the icon in non destructive – pressing delete after selecting the new icon will reset the icon to it’s default state.
  • Holding Command+Option while selecting an application window will hide all other application windows on your current desktop.

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