iOS 7 tips and tricks Austin MacWorks

Check out these fabulous iOS 7 tips and tricks from Austin MacWorks:

  • Notifications can now be accessed by swiping down from the top of the screen, locked or unlocked. You can change which notifications are listed and in what order by accessing the Notifications settings in the Settings app.
  • Keep your data usage on a short leash! You can choose which apps have cellular data usage access in the “Cellular” pane of the Settings app.
  • If the new iOS font is too “skinny” for your taste, you can turn on “Bold Text” as well as adjust a number of text related settings in the “Accessibility” pane of the Settings app.
  • Are the new motion features making you a little sea-sick? You can disable the parallax effect of icons and eliminate the moving backgrounds by flipping the switch on the “Reduce Motion” option located in the Accessibility pane of the Settings app.
  • You can increase your level of Privacy while browsing with Safari by adjusting the Privacy and Security settings located in the Safari pane of the Settings App