Sonos Blue Play 1Sonos recently announced the release of a new Play:1 speaker:  Blue Note Limited Edition.

The new speaker pays tribute to  jazz legends, their art, and a record label founded on creating a timeless experience with music that captures the energy and emotion of a live performance. The speaker commemorates 75 years and counting of Blue Note Records and a memorable year of Blue Note-Sonos collaborations.

“Music is meant to convey an emotional message to the listener. You don’t want anything interfering with that message, and Sonos shares Blue Note’s dedication to this,” said Blue Note president Don Was. “Fidelity is true. Give me the truth.”

Available for purchase in the coming weeks, the Blue Note PLAY:1 puts jazz artists on stage in your home and illustrates our shared dedication to high fidelity.

“We wanted to create an expression of Blue Note’s singular style while embracing all the idiosyncrasies of a live performance,” said Sonos VP of Design Tad Toulis. “This mindset led us to the design solution – one which captures a singular moment in the act of creation.”

Crafted with a custom color developed through hand-painting techniques and strategic use of robots, the speaker’s finish features a vertical fade from dark navy to cerulean blue, reflecting the deep bass to the richly detailed highs and lows that people know and love about the PLAY:1.

Call Austin MacWorks to check availability of this beautiful new speaker. 512-323-6666.