Apple helping Pepsi

On iPad, managers use the Manager’s Briefcase app to monitor pricing, contracts and delivery quantities.


Here are some great case studies about how Apple is helping business grow and flourish.

  • Using iPhone, iPad, and custom apps built in-house, PepsiCo’s North America Beverages division ensures that the right product arrives at the right location as quickly and efficiently as possible. Read more about how Pepsi uses iPads and iPhones.
  • At Carmel Café & Wine Bar, iPad serves up customer satisfaction and increases efficiency from the kitchen to the dining room. Read more.
  • At The Ottawa Hospital, not only has iPad increased efficiency from a provider perspective — it’s increased engagement between the provider and patient. Learn more.
  • By outfitting its pilots and cabin crews with iPads and specialized apps, EVA Air is taking its quest for innovative technology to a new level.
  • CTV News has been one of Canada’s primary news sources for more than 50 years. Now the company has adopted two new high-tech reporting tools: iPhone and iPad. Learn how they do it.
  • “iPhone and iPad allow the business to move forward at a much faster speed,” —  Yasuhiro, Ikeda, Vice President, IT Strategy for Global pharmaceutical company Daiichi Sankyo.  Read more about how Daiichi Sankyo uses Apple technology to make its business stronger.