Thinking of converting your small business to Macs?

Here are a few great reasons why you should do this.

  • Businesses of all sizes find that the Mac platform can save money over time, despite the higher price tag associated with the initial purchase. The Mac’s greatest ally in calculating cost of ownership is the value of time. Business owners say their Macs experience fewer crashes and other problems than PCs running Windows, translating to less lost work and fewer visits from the IT folks. They also tend to keep Macs in service longer than they keep PCs running.
  • Part of the reason businesses report more uptime with the Mac is because of the Mac’s built-in security features that keep viruses and malware at bay. A Mac won’t run Windows software right out of the box, so most of the malware lurking on the Internet won’t harm a Mac.
  • Backups are tedious, time consuming, and inconvenient to schedules, but they’re critical for all businesses, especially small ones that don’t have IT departments in charge of such things. Mac OS X’s built-in backup software, Time Machine, backs up documents automatically. Should you accidentally delete your tax return, payroll info, or even if you just destroy part of it, you can easily call up Time Machine and travel backwards in hours, days, or weeks through time—onscreen, of course—until you find the particular file you were looking for.

And the best reason? With Austin MacWorks right here in Austin, you’ve got an unbeatable resource working with you to ensure your success. The Apple-trained experts at Austin MacWorks will get your new computers set up in no time at all, and we’ll stick with you as your business grows, ensuring your systems grow along with your receipts.

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