mac keyboardIf you’re a former PC user, you might find it helpful to change your modifier keys to more closely resemble what you’re accustomed to on a PC keyboard. The Mac OS makes it very easy to change these keys to whatever you’re comfortable with.

To do this, first open your System Preferences. In the Hardware area, select Keyboard. Then, in the lower right corner of this window, select Modifier Keys.   A smaller screen will pop up and from there you can make changes to the Caps Lock, Control, Option and Command keys to reroute which keys do what.

For example, if you wanted to change the Caps Lock action to another key you can make it so that when you select the Command key it acts like the Caps Lock key instead. To do this you select the pull down menu next to Caps Lock Key and select the key that you want to perform the Caps Lock action on. Take care not to assign two functions to the same key.

Because many people find themselves accidentally hitting the caps lock key, you might also find it useful to disable that key by selecting “no action” in the pull-down menu.