Austin School of FilmAustin MacWorks’ recent sponsorship of the Austin School of Film, a local non-profit independent film, art and technology center, has enabled the prestigious school to “change our entire non-profit organization,” according to a school representative.

Committed both to furtherance of the arts in Austin as well as to contributing to  the Austin community in general, Austin MacWorks was pleased to be able to offer the film school a number of high-powered Macintosh computers at a significantly discounted price, greatly impacting the school’s ability to help its community.

“We serve over 5,000 students of all ages each year and most of the students require some financial assistance and most do not own a computer or have access to the creative programs we load onto them,” according to Education and Programs Director Faiza Kracheni. “Having more computers means that we are able to serve more students.”

The Austin School of Film’s to goal is to educate, train, and develop emerging artists of all ages to be active participants in shaping our culture. The school adheres to the principle that film, art and technology are financially accessible art forms both in and outside of the classroom.

The school’s programs are known for generating award-winning films that garner screenings on HBO, as well as at the Guggenheim Museum, the AFI Film Festival, the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival, the Austin Film Festival, the Nashville Film Festival and many more.

In helping out the youth camps, Austin MacWorks joins other standup supporters such as Alamo Drafthouse, Tiff’s Treats, Apple, Dell, HEB and others.

“We are honored to be able to help budding filmmakers learn the craft of filmmaking through our sponsorship of this terrific program,” says Srini Tatineni, Austin MacWorks Managing Partner.