Apple Performance Update

Apple has just released a software update designed to resolve slow hard drive response issues for many Mac users. The Performance Update 1.0 addresses intermittent hard drive related pauses. If your machine needs the update, launch software update in your utilities menu and install the Performance Update. More information on the update can be found on the Apple Website.

Another Happy Austin MacWorks Customer

Thanks to  Austin MacWorks customer Whitney for the great review she recently posted on Yelp. It always makes us feel good when one of our customers is pleased with our service and takes home a happy Mac! Here’s a bit of what Whitney had to say:

“…I went into Austin MacWorks that afternoon…just walked in…no appointment neccessary.  They couldn’t have been nicer… 2 days later, they called me and said that my computer was back, fixed, and that the repairs were covered under my Apple Care!  Hallelujah!”

GoToMyPC Coming to the Mac.

It’s been a popular PC remote access app, and now Citrix is announcing that GoToMyPC for Mac is in open beta. Keep an eye on the beta progress and download the beta here. Word is that an iPhone version is also expected.